District 4-A2 Visitation Contest

Report visitations to District Visitation Chair on a timely basis. Club official visitations must be reported by the end of the month following the month in which the visitation is made. Reporting may be by paper documentation or by e-mail.

Download Visitation Tracking form here: Visitation Form

E-mail reports must be received from the visiting club, acknowledging that your group was there on that date & time.

Paper reports must be signed by the president or secretary of the hosting club, (or other representative stating office and that the president & secretary are absent) acknowledging your group was there.

Both kinds of reports must indicate:
• the name of the visiting club, and the name of the hosting club, and
• the date, time and place of the visitation, and
• the one-way mileage from the regular meeting place of the visiting club to the place of this visitation.
• the names of the visiting Lions, Lionesses or Leos. (Visitors who are not yet members cannot be counted. You may list them anyway, but you must indicate they are not members)

NOTE: No visitations are entered by reporting on a monthly activity report, nor are these contest entries reported to your Zone or Region Chair.

Visitation Rules

  • Observe rules of decorum. Club visitations must achieve the minimum participation for an Official Visitation. Late reports will earn only 50% of the points a timely report would have.
  • Reports postmarked or delivered after March 31st will not be counted.
  • Must visit a regular meeting of a 4-A2 Lions club, or a project of the club, zone, region or district.
  • May visit a regular meeting or project of a Lions Club outside District 4-A2.
  • May visit governor’s cabinet meetings, District 4-A2 convention, and New Member Recognition Night. Only one visitation can be counted to clubs visited in the same day with overlapping meeting times, e.g., only one lunch meeting per day.

Rules of Decorum
Always inform the President or Secretary of the club being visited of the approximate number of visitors to expect, and the date of the proposed visitation, at least one week in advance. Bells, gavels and banners are the only items subject to “borrowing” and then only between the opening and closing of the meeting. Any property taken outside these rules will void the visitation. See also District By-Laws, Article II. Visiting Club Presidents should be invited to sit at the head table with the hosting Club President

Minimum ParticipationFor a visitation to be official, the visiting club must have:
Small Clubs less than 20 members – at least 3 members attending.
Medium Clubs 20 to 35 member – at least 4 members attending.
Large Clubs more than 35 members – at least 5 members attending.

How to Earn Club Contest Points:

  • 1 pt. for every mile traveled one-way from your meeting place to the Lions meeting being visited, multiplied by the number of Lions, and Leos participating in the Official Visitation,
  • 50 pts. if the club visited is in your zone,
  • 75 pts. if the club visited is not in your zone, but is in your region
  • 100 pts. if the club is not in your region, but is in District 4-A2
  • 5 pts for every person attending a virtual visitation

Any visitation that qualifies as “official” will earn a minimum of 100 pts.

  • Bonus for officially visiting all clubs in a zone: 50 points.
  • Bonus for officially visiting all clubs in a region: another 75 points.
  • Bonus for officially visiting all clubs in the district: another 400 points.

Points for official visitations outside District 4-A2 are limited to 200 point maximum per Lion, Lioness or Leo. In the case of a repeat visit to the same hosting club, the visit earning the most points in that contest year shall be counted. Mileage / virtual points are triple for each Lion, Lioness or Leo visiting more than the minimum number of Lions required for the visitation to be official.

Submit Entries to District Visitation Chair: Mary Andrade
40838 Oakridge Dr., Three Rivers 93271
C: 559-561-4692 E:: [email protected]