District 4-A2 Lions


Lions & Citizens…We Need This!

Have you hugged a Lion lately?  Have you hugged a family member lately?  Have you hugged a new associate or an old acquaintance lately?  Have you hugged an employee of a business where you trade lately?  Have you hugged a Democrat or a Republican or an Independent lately?  Have you hugged your kids lately? Have you hugged your parents lately?  Have you hugged your dog or your cat or any other faithful pet that you have lately?

What does a hug mean?

A HUG is the act of putting your arms around someone or something as a way of showing love or friendship.

In this day of turmoil and dissention, wouldn’t it be wonderful if respect, courtesy, civility and lawfulness was the norm and each of us could be respected for how we feel when we express ourselves and that each of us could respect others with a different point of view when they express themselves. I think so. (ed)