District Eyeglass Collection Contest
July 1st – March 31st

The eyeglass collection is a project that provides eyeglasses to needy recipients throughout the world through Lions in Sight, a Lions Clubs International and MD-4 endorsed project. The used eyeglass collection contest is open to every club in our district and is scored on the average pair per member collected. Regardless of club size, each club has an equal chance of winning. Scoring records for each club will be maintained by the chairperson to determine the district winner.

Each club MUST count and sort their glasses. We want broken glasses or frames but not loose lenses or cases. Also, we accept small ink cartridges and cell phones.


Here are a few things to keep in mind:
• PLEASE Remove all glasses from cases and box separately
• Sort and count all glasses and place them in an apple or banker box.
• It is important to place your club name and count on every box at the time of delivery.
• Collected and sorted glasses may be brought to the District Cabinet meetings or delivered to the district chair.
• Ink Cartridges are to be placed in a separate box, please do not mix with glasses.


District Chair: Craig Austin
C: 661-345-3852 E: [email protected]

District Co-Chair: Fred Linder
C: 661-703-9037 E: [email protected]