District Committees & Chairs 2022-2023

Awards & Points:
PDG Kevin Patel C: 704-267-9583 E: [email protected]

Budget Advisory Committee
DG Falguni Patel C:559-270-8307 E:[email protected]
1st VDG Christy Kroell C:559-338-0275 E:l[email protected]
2nd VDG Cheri Provancha C: 360-970-3642 E:[email protected]
Jan Beatty C:559-909-1817 E: [email protected]
PDG Kevin Patel C: 704-267-9583 E: [email protected]
Jeff Garcia C: 559-707-0840 E:[email protected]
Shriani Patel C: 559-817-8130  E: [email protected]
Diana Compo  C: 360-970-9015  E: [email protected]
Auditor: Tom Gaebe C:559-783-1051 E: [email protected]

City of Hope:
PDG Tony Reyes Sr. C: 703-309-2085  E: [email protected]

Constitution and ByLaws:
IPDG David Beeman C: 559-584-7510 E: [email protected]

Chair Shriani Patel C: 559 817-8130 E: [email protected]

Diabetes Chair:
PDG Al Kroell C: 858-229-7001  E: [email protected]

Directory Team:
Chair: PDG Kevin Patel
Directory Design: Diana Compo & Cheri Provancha
Directory Ad Sales: DG Falguni Patel & PDG Kevin Patel

Disaster Relief:
Jeannie Sa C: 559-392-7958 E: [email protected]

District Convention
District Convention Chair
PDG Kevin Patel C: 704-267-9583 E:[email protected]
PDG Judy Woolley C: 559-916-2521 E: [email protected]
Margie Martinez C: 661-805-1765 E: [email protected]

Environmental Chair:
Angie Castillo C: 559-321-3576 E:[email protected]

Family and Women’s Specialist:
Chair 1st VDG Christy Kroell  C:559-338-0275  E:l[email protected]

Golf Tournaments:
Bill & Carri Diltz C:559-732-6897 E:[email protected]

District Leo Advisor:
PDG Kevin Patel C:704.267.9583 E:[email protected]

Long Range Planning:
2nd VDG Cheri Provancha C:360-970-3642
E:[email protected]

New Member Night:
Eleanor Perry C: 559 349-1217
E: [email protected]

Nominations and Elections:
Chair PDG Anthony Martinez C: 559-451-1564 E:[email protected]

Officer Training and Seminars
PDG Anthony Martinez C: 559-451-1564 E:[email protected]
PDG Kevin Patel C: 704-267-9583 E: [email protected]
PDG David Beeman C: 559-584-7510 E: [email protected]
Roland Reina C:559-274-5407 E:[email protected]
DG David Hamilton C:559-308-1810 E:[email protected]
2VDG Cheri Provancha C:360-970-3642 E:[email protected]
PDG Al Kroell C: 858-229-7001 E: [email protected]
Marco Martinez C: 661-428-9090 E: [email protected]

Vacant C:                   E:

Peace Poster Chair:
James Pridgen C: 559-816-1936
E: [email protected]

Pediatric Cancer:
Loretta Botello C: 559-623-6067
E: [email protected]

Pin Trader:
Greg Martella C: 559-707-7499
E: [email protected]

PR Marketing/Communications:

Shriani Patel  C: 559-917-8130
E: [email protected]

Proud Lion:
Eleanor Perry C: 559 349-1217
E: [email protected]

Chair Jan Beatty C:559-909-1817 E:[email protected]
Co-Chair Diana Compo C: 360-970-9015 E:[email protected]
Co-Chair Greg Martella C: 559-707-7499 E:[email protected]

Vision and Hearing:
Craig Austin C: 661-345-3852
E: [email protected]

Mary Andrade C: 559-561-4692
E: [email protected]

Web Master:
Cheri Provancha C: 360-970-3642
E: [email protected]

Youth Protection Officer:
William “Bill” Munoz C: 559 707-9062
E: [email protected]