Club Scrapbook Contest July 1st- April 10th

Club President’s scrapbook or yearbook may be entered in the contest. The Presidents year shall begin with his/her election and will end when presented at the District Convention. You may add to the scrap book after the convention to complete the year. The winning entry will automatically be entered into the MD 4 Scrapbook Contest to be judged at the August Council Meeting.
• Maximum Cover Size of book shall be 19” x 25” .
• LIONS, Not Professionals. shall have prepared book .
• There is no limit on the number of pages or volumes

The Scrapbook will be Divided and Judged in Eight Categories:

  • Organization and index 7 pts General appearance 3 pts
  • Local community service 20 pts
  • District Service Activities 15 pts
  • MD4 Activities 10 pts
  • International Activities 10 pts
  • Youth Activities 10 pts
  • News / Media Coverage 15 pts
  • Club Social Activities 10 pts


Final Judging will take place at the District Convention by our visiting dignitaries. To enter the District Scrapbook Contest, complete the form below and click submit to send to Committee Chair:

Committee Chair: Vacant
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